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EU189 - Rockall 2008. DXpedition cancelled

So, it’s with heavy heart i’ve decided to call an end to anymore planning for Rockall - it’s just too risky overall, physically and economically.

I’d like to hugely thank the team, DD1MAT, EC3ADC, EC2ADN, EW4DX, IZ7ATN, MM0NDX & VK8NSB + Gwilym, our expert climber. It says a lot about these guys willing to go  ;)  Also, many thanks indeed to M3SDE offering his services as QSL manager, should Rockall 2008  been a success.

The Rockall 2008 website will be altered in due course - please pay no more attention to it..

As Lester Haines (he off Rockall Times fame) wrote to me yesterday, his motto in describing Rockall is very apt: Ultra Mare Usque Nusquam

Infact, i’m sure Lester won’t mind me reposting his email to show the difficulties involved:

Hello Colin

You’re going to find this extremely difficult. The first time we
went to Rockall was aboard a 40-ft yacht. Most of the trip was
a “private” jaunt, beacuse they’re not allowed to charge beyond
the “safe haven” limit - 60 miles.

The second time the bloke did it for the (not inconsiderable) fee,
even though he neither had the licence nor the seaworthiness to get
out there. He was subsequently fined when I personally complained
about him, his boat and his conduct.

No-one else wanted to go to Rockall - and I tried everyone. This is
not without reason, because the trip always carries the real
possibility of dying in the process. Once you do get to Rockall, you
have to get on it, which again is a risky process.

The fact we were able to get to and onto Rockall was a combination
of luck (with the weather), skill (from our lead climber) and a huge
amount of cash (for the boat).


73s all de Colin and team…